José Luis Martínez

Andes Value Research Manager and Project Director. Economist expert in Attraction of Impact Investments and Territorial Development.

Francisco GUajardo

CEO Chileorganic SpA, Co-executor of the project. He has more than 14 years of experience in handling chestnuts. He is an expert in industrial production and export of chestnuts.

Vittorio Macaluso

Italian Expert in business promotion for the promotion of exports at the Chilean embassy in Italy, Commercial Office of ProChile.

diego borja

Ecuadorian senior consultant of territorial economic development with social impact. Productive promotion. Investment attraction. Market development.

carola bezamat

Renowned Chilean journalist, specialized in healthy nutrition, integrative medicine and superfoods.
Author of the book Secrets for a Healthy Organism.

Luis andrés segura

He is director of a Doctorate in Food Engineering from the University of Bío Bío, has studies in technological development for the agro-industrial sector valued internationally.

susana benedetti

She is nowadays part of the Forestry Institute of Chile, she has more than 25 years of experience in forestry research, Non-Timber Forest Products and Forestry Diversification.