About the event

The meeting includes online presentations before the International Forum, consisting of training webinars whose main theme is “Challenges of chestnuts in Chile.”
The activity is expected to spread the remarkable natural and socio-cultural heritage of the chestnut ecosystem in Chile, which has allowed it to be the main exporter of chestnut sativa in the southern hemisphere, oriented towards the quality and sustainability standards of European consumers, generating an atmosphere of convergence for the different stakeholders of the Productive Ecosystem, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, while fostering networks of collaboration and exchange of knowledge and international experiences relevant to the sector.

The program will generate on the one hand spaces for the main international stakeholders in the production and positioning of chestnuts to expose the latest global trends in relation to the development of the industry and on the other hand some national presentations that will delve into the production of innovation and added value of the chestnut industry in Chile, bringing up the opportunity to form new business and investment networks with a view to impact investments, promoting sustainable development.

The 1st International Meeting of innovation and investment of the Chilean chestnut is an initiative that emerged with the aim of positioning the southern macro-zone of Chile as a world-class chestnut-producing ecosystem, specifically the Ñuble Region, whose natural characteristics enhanced by a temperate and rainy climate provide ideal conditions for chestnut growth.

The main activity that encompasses the meeting is the Forum “internationalization, innovation and investment of impact for the Chilean chestnut”. This will have a hybrid format, extending open invitations to members of the productive, entrepreneurial and innovation Ecosystem of the Chestnut on November 8 and 9, days in which the audience will discuss topics such as “The market and innovation opportunities of the chestnut” and “The sustainable management of chestnut cultivation and harvesting” respectively, ending by closing the agenda on November 10 with field visits to the main chestnut orchards in the city of Chillán.


Corfo is the sponsor of the program which demarcates this initiative, this support is performed through the line “Viraliza, a special invitation to events of high international call”; managed by Andes Value Research, and Co-executed by Chileorganic, the National Union Federation of Fruit Producers ( FEDEFRUTA), Bio-Bio University, the University of Talca and the Sudamerik Investment Fund Administrator.